Letter from the President | 2016 New Year

Dear Friend,

First of all a very happy new year to you and I hope 2016 is a peaceful and prosperous year for everyone.

I’d like to formally extend my thanks to the music club committee who work incredibly hard to bring top talent to a wonderful venue.  We’re looking forward to another terrific year of music.

Last year a number of people mentioned to me that they were amazed and delighted by the quality of the music and they wish the audience was larger.  We’ll do the best to we can to promote the concerts but you can be a big help in this.  I’d like to encourage you to promote Music @ Manly to friends and family and bring guests along. A season ticket also makes a wonderful present. In addition we do print leaflets and if each member distributed one or two to friends, colleagues or local businesses, I feel the audience levels would increase dramatically.
I hope we can continue to build Music At Manly together over the season.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Kind regards
Anthony Aarons FRSA
Music At Manly

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